Have you noticed that once one employee is sick, the rest of the office gets sick too? Germs spread quickly in an office setting and even with the best hygiene practices, colds or other illnesses can spread from person to person. This often occurs because surfaces within the office themselves are not clean. Germs are spread through sneezing, coughing, and even breathing, and without a proper cleaning, getting sick can sometimes be unavoidable.

However, with Priceless Clean, you can be confident that you, employees, and customers or clients are walking into a space that is clean and sanitized. Each time that our janitorial service visits your office, we will thoroughly wipe and sanitize phones, door handles, desktops, light switches, tables, bathrooms, and break rooms.


Another factor that can lead to sickness in the office is dust that has accumulated. Baseboards, shelves, ceiling fans, and every surface in between will be cleaned and looking great.


Spills, dirty shoes when it rains, and other projects going on in your office can leave the floors looking less than perfect. We use the best vacuums and floor equipment to ensure that your floors are spotless. If your floors need an even deeper clean, you can schedule a scrubbing or buffing.

Trash Removal

Nothing is worse than having an office that smells like the fish that your sales manager had for lunch yesterday. Even with the smelliest of items, your office will smell and appear fresh and clean the following day. No more need to take out your own trash or designate certain cans to be the “smelly” can.


Vacuuming might seem like an easy task on the surface, but when there’s dirt in the entryway, debris at your desk, and crumbs in the break room, you can tell when it’s not done right.

Glass Cleaning

When was the last time you looked closely at the glass in your office? Whether it’s windows or the glass coffee table in your lobby, fingerprints and smudges don’t make a good first impression. But don’t worry, our commercial cleaning service will take care of it.

At Priceless Clean, our janitorial service takes pride in paying close attention to the small details. With us, you can count on not only having a clean office, but a sanitized one.

Learn more about our janitorial services and call us today for a free quote.