When customers, clients, or guests walk into your business or office, are they greeted with dusty tables, dirty carpets, and full trash cans? Are you paying employees to vacuum carpets and clean the windows? If so, it’s time to hire a professional commercial cleaning service to efficiently clean your office and help you save time and money doing so. The appearance of your office can inspire confidence in potential customers (when it’s clean and tidy), and can improve the morale of your employees.

From the front entryway to bathrooms and from baseboards to ceiling fans, Priceless Clean can ensure that your entire office is fully sanitized and dust and grime free.


In every room and hallway, our commercial cleaning services will thoroughly dust ledges, ceiling fans, vents, blinds, wall decor, and light fixtures. When dust accumulates in a space, it can cause sickness and increase the risk of certain health conditions like asthma and rashes. Protect the health of your customers and employees with a deep clean.

Front Entrance/Lobby

Upholstered chairs will always be cleaned, and tables, wood parts on chairs, light switches, baseboards, and anything on the walls will be wiped and sanitized.


Sanitation in the bathroom is essential and we take pride in covering all of our bases to ensure complete cleanliness. You can be confident that toilets, stalls, sinks, doors, tiles, and soap and towel dispensers are clean and free of germs.

Office Areas

Your desk is one of the surfaces that has the most germs in an office setting. The desk itself, the phone, keyboard and other computer components, chairs, blinds, and floors will all be vacuumed or wiped down.

Break Rooms

A space where you want your employees to feel at ease, we will put just as much effort into the break rooms as the bathrooms. Sinks, appliances, windows, blinds, furniture, soap and towel dispensers, and trash cans will all receive a deep cleaning.

Don’t put up with a mediocre cleaning job, give Priceless Clean a call for an affordable, thorough commercial cleaning service.