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When you work in the janitorial industry and want to be the best, it takes a passion that is unparalleled. At Priceless Clean, we approach each job with a passion and attention to detail that is like no other. We don’t simply come to your office, clean a little, and leave. We take pride in everything that we do, from emptying trash bins to dusting ceiling fans to sanitizing kitchen sinks. So if you’re looking for a janitorial service in the Dallas Fort Worth area, here’s why we think you should choose us.


Even though it might seem like an easy job, there’s a lot that goes into being the best and the most experienced commercial cleaning company. After years of being in the industry, we have learned what major businesses are looking for in a service and we have tailored our services to fit those needs. With each job that we have completed and with each new client we’ve taken on, we’ve learned something new. And this experience has helped us to become who we are today — a team of highly skilled, detail-oriented, and passionate janitors.

Janitorial Services Fort WorthEquipment

When you’re trying to provide a deep clean, you can’t get by with lackluster equipment. In order to exceed your expectations, we use advanced equipment so you can be 100 percent satisfied in what you’re getting. We use only HEPA filters on our vacuum cleaners, cleaning products that are safe for the environment and your employees, and we utilize procedures to prevent cross-contamination in all of our buildings.

Customer Service

A janitorial service could never be successful without a superior team of customer service representatives. At Priceless Clean, we strive to be open and transparent about our processes and in our communication. When you sign up with us, you can be confident that you’re getting a team who is not only passionate about providing a thorough clean, but one that takes pride in being easy to work with, easy to get a hold of, and is always friendly and helpful.

Small Details

When the carpets have been vacuumed and the bathroom sinks are sanitized, but there is still dust on your desk and the trash hasn’t been emptied, it ruins your whole experience. With our detail-oriented staff, we can assure you that no detail will be overlooked. To ensure that you’re getting the finest clean, we have a double check system in place. After the janitors have completed their tasks, a team manager will go through each space to double check their work. If the cleaning doesn’t meet our high standards or doesn’t exceed yours, we’ll stay there until it does.


We wouldn’t be who we are without our dedicated, highly-trained staff. To ensure that we’re providing you with the best, our staff must complete on-site training and testing. This rigorous process ensures that everyone on our team knows exactly what is expected of them and has the tools and the knowledge to complete each job.

Priceless Clean strives to provide the best janitorial services in the Dallas Fort Worth area. If you have any questions about how we can help you, or to schedule a consultation, give us a call today. We can’t wait to help your business succeed with a beautifully cleaned office.

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