What to Look For in a Janitorial Service

Feature_What to Look For in a Janitorial Service

With so many commercial cleaning companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area, it can be hard to know which one is the best for your company. Janitorial services everywhere offer different services, have different processes, and different prices, so filtering through all of this information can be a challenge. At Priceless Clean, we want to make your decision as easy as possible, so we’ve provided some things to look for during your search for the best commercial cleaning company in Dallas.


Some start-up cleaning companies will offer lower prices to help them gain the necessary experience. These lower prices can be tempting, but unfortunately, they often come with less than desired service. It takes time to fully understand the ins and outs of the janitorial industry and to know what different types of clients are looking for in their office. Sometimes, higher prices will be worth it when you know you’re getting a better clean.

Janitorial Services Fort WorthProcedures

When you’re interviewing potential janitorial services, ask them about their procedures. How do they approach different cleaning jobs? How do they train their staff? What happens when someone is sick and the cleaning team isn’t fully staffed? How do you communicate? There are a variety of procedures that you can gain information about that will tell you a lot about the experience of the company and how well they know the industry.


When a cleaning service sends their staff to your office, they aren’t covered by your insurance. So when something goes wrong and someone gets injured, you want to be sure that the cleaning company will be able to cover any medical expenses. Ask any potential company about liability insurance, workers’ compensation coverage, and ensure that there will always be a team manager on location.


Even when you find an experienced and reliable janitorial service, they still may not have the necessary equipment to do the job thoroughly and efficiently. Anyone can clean an office, but it takes the right equipment, as well as the knowledge of how to use it, to do the job right. Make sure a potential company has advanced tools like HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners.

Customer Service and Communication

Customer service is something that can often go overlooked, especially when so many other factors have been positive. Even when the job is being done perfectly, there may come a time when you want to discuss adding in another day to your plan or another task. If you are unable to get a hold of someone at the company, it will make this simple task much more difficult. Keep in mind that customer service typically starts out very well, but as time goes on, it may fall to the wayside. Hire a company who has is consistent on all fronts.

Tailored Plan And Budget

If you want the service to come once a week, every single day, at certain times, or only clean certain spaces, the janitorial service should be able to accommodate your needs. Being able to tailor a custom plan can also affect the cost of the service, which will help with your overall budget. If a cleaning company only offers a few packages with limited flexibility, you can probably do better somewhere else.

At Priceless clean, serving the Dallas Fort Worth areas, our priorities include making each of our customers happy, completing a thorough job each and every time, and offering affordable prices and packages. Learn more about our janitorial services and call today for a consultation.

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